Title Insurance Services

Title Insurance Protects Against the Unknown

It’s important you protect your property investment at all times. Windward Title provides title insurance services that ensure every property seller and owner is protected from any legal issues that might arise. Our experts work with realtors, real estate investors, mortgage brokers, loan officers, and other essential professionals. What we deliver isn’t just a service - it’s a peace of mind.

Two-Prong Approach

Title insurance services through Windward Title consist of a two-prong approach to ensure the best protection throughout the selling process. First, a thorough record search is conducted that will help discover problems with the property that may need to be resolved. The second part of this approach focuses on the chance that an undiscovered problem exists. Our services will indemnify you against any liability.

Protection Against Ownership Issues

While many pieces of property don’t have any sort of issue with their “chain of title,” many others have problems that may not be evident at first glance. The title insurance services provided by Windward Title include a thorough search for a variety of ownership issues ranging from tax liens to pending legal action and everything in between. When such an issue is discovered, we take the necessary steps to rectify it immediately.

Protection Against Undiscovered Issues

Despite the meticulous nature of our team, undiscovered issues related to an owned or sold property may occur at any time. This is often due to simple mistakes being made on documents that prevent the information from being correctly connected with the property in question. Our title insurance services will indemnify the purchaser against this type of mishap. In other words, you can buy or sell a piece of property without worrying that its past will come back to haunt you.


Underwriting That Matters

Having your ownership of a title challenged by another party can be a devastating blow. Windward Title is underwritten by the two largest underwriters in the United States - Fidelity National Title and First American Title. This ensures that any challenges to your ownership will be fought with the full backing of experienced insurance professionals. Your defense will be paid for throughout the process. If you don’t win the case, you will be compensated for your equity.

Long-Lasting Coverage

Some forms of insurance will only last for a limited amount of time. The title insurance services provided by Windward Title exist for as long as you own the property, and new coverage can be provided to any new buyers of your properties. Whether you sell the property right away or hold onto it for years, you will be protected from any hassles that might arise. We work with the two largest underwriters in the country, so there is no risk of losing coverage.

Light on Technical Jargon

The Windward Title team understands that processes like title insurance can seem daunting to property owners. It gets even worse when insurance agents begin conversing with their clients using industry jargon that they don’t understand. We believe that it’s important for our clients to fully understand the title insurance services that we provide, which is why we explain everything in the simplest terms whenever possible. If you have questions, we’re available to answer them.

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